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So Good #10

So Good #10 de grupoVilbo

Características: Medidas: 230 x 297 cm. 

Número de páginas: 282

Idioma: Inglés.


Gregoire Michaud, Miguel Sierra, Joseph Baker and Ryosuke Sugamata have accepted our Crème Caramel Challenge. Four great chefs and four ways to understand a universal dessert.

From Canada, the Belgian chef Philippe Vancayseele combines local ingredients and chocolate in an elegant way.

Philippe Conticini goes over his successful career for so good.. magazine.

Restless Dutch chef Frank Haasnoot keeps challenging himself and shows his most elegant glamorous pastry.

Jérôme de Oliveira explains his ‘nirvana’ to us from his headquarters at the French Riviera.

Marc Ducobu combines Belgian tradition and intercultural influences.

From Brazil, Javier Guillén proposes us a return to the most elemental – ‘back to basic’.

Bobby Schaffer, in the lead of Grace in Chicago, suggests slightly acidic desserts after a 12-dish menu.

Thomas Raquel shows us his successful doughnuts step by step.

Christian Hümbs Christian Hümbs,
aroma-menu at the boundaries of patisserie
Gregorie Michaud, taste and shape Gregoire Michaud,
taste and shape

We discover that a new meringue is possible thanks to Will Goldfarb.

Christian Hümbs walks along the boundaries of pastry with his aroma-menu.

Mexican Juan Pablo Cortés draws the purest lines with his architectonical designs.

Three-starred Christian Bau practices cosmopolitism from Perl, Germany.

New Yorker Gabriele Riva transfers his passion for geometry to his desserts at Nobu.

Olivier Fernández, director of Barcelona’s Pastry School, presents his molded éclairs collection in so good... magazine.

Yukihiko Kawaguchi shows us how to better control the temperature of chocolate to make the best bonbon.

Philippe ConticiniPhilippe Conticini,
the taste of maturity
Thomas RaquelThomas Raquel,
thanks for the memories

We reveal pastry chef Antonio Bachour’s ‘wow’ factor.

We accompany Martín Lippo to a new path – yogurts d’auteur.

Talita Setyadi explains how she turned a passion for a blog into her profession.

We explore Gerhard Petzl’s baroque universe.

Jordi Puigvert talks about his latest book ‘Evolution’, new techniques and ingredients for modern pastry.

Dominique and Xavier Noel introduce the US Pastry Competition, approaching its 25th edition.

And we visit the exceptional Mast Brothers in Brooklyn. Their chocolate is artisanal and it looks like.



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