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So Good #13

So Good #13 de grupoVilbo

Contents (en inglés)

  • christophe adam, the wildest flashes 
  • jerome landrieu, hard work as the best strategy 
  • patrice demers, ‘everyday we’re trying to push our limits’ 
  • darren purchese, an exclusive and extravagant dessert night 
  • leonardo di carlo, olive oil in doughs 
  • jordi bordas, strong, lightweight and calculated, pâtisserie B•Concept 
  • yves scherrer, practical and emotional 
  • pierre françois roelofs, patisserie out of a tube 
  • hiroyuki emori, nothing impossible with ice cream 
  • antony prunet, play it sweet 
  • pascal caffet, worshipping taste 
  • motohiro inaba & rio asano, chicks take wagashi to the world 
  • daniel texter, adaptation instinct 
  • ernst knam, becoming bored is impossible 
  • enric rovira, 20 years reinventing chocolate 
  • ramon morató, sensorial bonbons 
  • oriol balaguer, caught between rigor and creative freedom 
  • raúl bernal, where is the corn? 
  • olivier fernández and saray ruiz, the haunted forest 
  • josep maria ribé, inside and outside 
  • carles mampel, constant metamorphosis 
  • miquel guarro, squeezing out creativity 
  • tidbits 
  • scott green, the life of a contestant of high-level competitions 
  • jürgen koens, pastryclub, a future multi-space 
  • the french pastry school reaches its 20th anniversary 



Medidas: 230 x 297 mm
Número de páginas: 304
Idioma: Inglés

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